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Roman-Style: The New Kid on the Pizza Block


Hip to be Square:


Before we get into what exactly Roman-style pizza is, let’s be clear on what it is not… Roman-style pizza is not the traditional, square, Sicilian-style pizza that most people are familiar with. Sicilian-style pizza dough has a denser, spongier chew as the fermentation process is much shorter than its Northern Italian cousin.


When in Rome:


On the streets of Italy’s Capital, you’ll find Roman-style pizza “al taglio.” Pronounced al ta-yo and meaning by the cut, the name is derived from the scissors traditionally used to the cut the pizza. Roman-style pizza al taglio is often served on the go since the crust is so sturdy and easy to eat while walking.


The Support You Need… and Deserve:


Pizza is the ultimate comfort food, always there for you in a time of need. Because of that, your pizza should be able to support you AND all of the toppings you want. Roman-style pizza is twice baked, creating a crispy outside that allows for any and all topping combinations without the pizza itself falling apart. Combine that with its light and airy inside (that can only be achieved with an extensive multi-day dough fermentation process) and you get a deliciously unique pizza experience.


Slow & Steady Over Fast & Furious:


In contrast to Neapolitan-style pizza’s high temp/quick time cooking method, Roman-style pizza is baked at lower temperatures for longer periods of time to allow for its pillowy insides to cook all the way through without burning our drying out the outer crust. This method, coupled with the high hydration and long fermentation process, also creates the ideal pizza for reheating any leftovers. Roman-style pizza comes back life exquisitely after being popped back in the oven! And, let’s face it, who doesn’t love leftover pizza?


Variety is the S[l] ice of Life:                 


Available in multiple sizes, Roman-style pizza can be ordered as a personal pizza, a shared plate, or enough to feed a family of 4+. We love tradition but also have plans for all kinds of creativity when it comes to house made toppings and custom pies!


Fire Candy Catering

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